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Our Mission

As survivors ourselves, we saw a need for the peer support abuse survivors lacked during and after therapy. We formed Because She Is to provide peer-led group meetings, creative & meditative workshops, and clinician-led workshops, all free of charge. 

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Maureen Spataro

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Maureen Spataro joins Erica Lupo & Marilyn Pianelli on Women in the Loop on WOR 710 &  iHeart Radio!


Sonstein Sessions on Q104.3 FM

Listen to our founder, Maureen Spataro, talk with Shelli Sonstein during the Sonstein Sessions on 

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We build community and help ourselves, as well as others, when we volunteer. Do you teach yoga, creative writing, art or meditation? Do your talents lend themselves to administration? 

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Fall Fundraiser Success!!!

Our first official Because She Is Fall Auction was a wonderful success and I want to send my heartfelt thanks to the following people...

Kelly Donovan, Lisa Taylor-Lamar, Jeanine Galloway Hernandez, and Ellen Arnold. YOU DID IT LADIES! Everything from the incredible baskets, centerpieces and decorations, and set up. Gorgeous!

Danielle Rourk, Ilsy Josefina-Hoo, Sky Taylor, and Miss Rita for being our gift auction ticket and 50/50 sales force, as well as our gift runners. You are the reason we were able to keep the night rolling along beautifully.

Dave Nieratko, Carol Marrotoli, Vivian Leigh, and Jenna Girza for the delicious dinner and top notch service. Quite literally from appetizers to dessert, everything was top notch.

Doreen Pisani and the ever talented Miss Sophie... your help getting our baskets wrapped gave us the polished look every auction strives for...BRAVO! And Savina Santiago for donating your talent and gifting us with a balloon ribbon that was the perfect addition to our event!

Norine Mann-Aiugliera and Shalondra Keith Kurtzman for checking in all of our guests and making sure everyone had what they needed to start the fun!

Joanne Trancucci Gubitosi, our BLINGO expert extraordinaire! We were so happy to be your first official event. And your jewelry was FABULOUS!!!!!

Pamela McClellan, Billy Morra, Beth Tancredi, Daniela Garafolo Hartman, Chris Ann Romand and Chris Richards. Pam, with you on the mic, the room was kept informed and laughing. And our remaining group of "auctioneers" kept the night equally entertained.

Joanne Colella, our PR guru and program writer. As always, a lovely and professional presentation to add another touch of elegance to our event!

Jeanmarie Mulally Richards, our photographer, who captured the fun and excitement of the entire night.

Last, but never least...OUR SPONSORS, DONORS AND GUESTS! Without all of you, there would be no event. Your donations were awe-inspiring and quite literally left us speechless. And the support all of our guests showed throughout the night was a true blessing.

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