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The #1 priority here at Marilyn’s Place is YOU. We offer a place for those who suffer from the affects of sexual and physical/mental/ emotional trauma to come to talk, meet, gather, and heal with others who have been in their shoes. Every volunteer who helps run Marilyn’s Place is a survivor, so you can feel safe and comforted in the knowledge that everyone you speak to understands what you are going through, what you may be thinking and what you are feeling. 



Contact Kelly today at 732.962.3115. 

Don’t let one chapter or moment in your life define your life and happiness.

Call today and join us. 


“Hi Maureen, 

I just wanted to thank you again for your warm, accepting hospitality. Also thank you for listening and for your wisdom! 

You and your group I feel are truly a blessing! I’m so lucky to have found you and to be accepted. All your hard work is greatly appreciated in creating such an awesome group and environment to be vulnerable and to grow!

I wish you a very Happy and most Healthy New Year!” 

Irene, Member from NJ


“Hi Maureen

I just want to tell you how good I felt after Tuesday. Your house is helping me in two ways...feeling like I have women who can give me advice, and who have been through what I’ve been through.” 

Janet, Member from NY


“Hi Maureen

I don’t know who is watching over me or guiding me but I sincerely believe finding you and Marilyn’s Place could not have come at a better time. Thank you for today! I feel like so many things make sense now and how trauma is a big word that covers so very much.” 

Donna, Member from NJ


“I have learned so many things this last year while becoming a part of this amazing non profit organization called Because She Is, founded by Maureen Richards Spataro. One of the most profound things I learned was the significance of the lotus which happens to be the logo chosen for the organization. I never knew a lotus, in order to get to its beautiful flowery state must first grow in mud. Our lives are very much the same, especially those who have suffered from assault or abuse, be it physical, sexual, emotional or mental. Sometimes it’s hard to get through life after you have experienced something like that, you go through a lot of darkness (mud) thinking am I ever going to feel okay, normal, healthy ..... will I ever get to feel happy, good and WHOLE?

This organization is filled with amazing, strong, brave, beautiful woman who all symbolize the LOTUS FLOWER .... the beautiful bud that grew through mud and turned into a magnificent gorgeous flower. I feel so incredibly blessed and honored to be a part of something so important to so many wonderful, amazing, strong, smart funny, beautiful woman: THIS is why I got this tattoo ... I couldn’t think of a better way to honor myself and these woman, all OF US survivors, all amazing and so strong! I continue to grow and learn and BLOOM every day! 

We all go through our own “mud” to get to the beauty ... of life! 

No mud ... No lotus!”

Facebook Post - Lisa LT, Aberdeen, NJ

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Are free of charge.  

We've Been There

We are not clinicians.  Our group meetings are run by survivors for survivors.  

Our Goal

Our goal is to let trauma survivors know that there are others who understand & will listen.  Past events don't dictate future paths.  There is only support, no judgement.

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Give Kelly a call at 732.527.5430 or email us at info@becausesheis.org for the location of our meetings and workshops!